True Stories of Spirit World by Catherine Wendell

Spirit for Today “Rocky the dog”

Sunday, January 29th 2017 I went to do a house call for a massage. I have been doing it for 21 plus years and if you know any of my history or stories, when I started doing healing and Massage Therapy and moved into ghost central aka Ocala’s historic district it made the ghost activity way more active. Now Rocky the dog passed in December and his dog friend he lived with Marty was not eating well and getting sick when he did. He seemed heart broken his friend was gone. So one thing I learned about recently through the Green Dragon New Age Shop is about Dragon Tears Essential oils. They are good for grief and anxiety. I tried some and really felt a difference after my Dad passing in September. So his owner trying them with Marty and plus me sending healing really seemed to help Marty and he is back to eating and playing now. I will always have on order Dragon Tears. Amazing stuff! Thanks Amanda Rich for having me order them.

So back to this past Sunday. Alexa the computer is in their house and she is in their bedroom and living room. We were in the living room. We heard Alexa say in the bedroom I am sorry I did not hear that command or whatever she said. We were not talking and then the dog Marty started barking and acting upset and moved away from the floor pillow near the bedroom and came more in the living room. So at the end of the massage I did some Reiki Healing and I saw this shadow dog go quick across the bottom of television cabinet and floor. I stated so out loud and then Marty started growling and looking right at that same area. I think Rocky has not gone to the light from his sudden passing and that is what has had Marty so upset. Need to go and do a smudge and help Rocky cross am waiting for them MaryAnne Wendell Deckard to set it up. I need a video camera on my head at all times as I always see things many places I go. Ghosts and Spirits are everywhere!

(will add more to this story after going to sage and bless to help him cross)

Spirit for Today (she played with a little girl) Part 2

Part 2

part 1 can be found at this link:  Part one click here


Sharon moved away with her family.My parents also moved
us across the county from Belleview to the North side
of Ocala near 326.
I was about 15 and in 10th grade
in 1985. The move was a good thing for me and I got
on track again in life for no reason at all just
figured I tried the being bad will go back to being
a nerd again and concentrate on school,
then got a job and worked. I have always
loved to work, and even held odd jobs at
a young age. 

A few years passed and it was 1987, I was 17
going into Senior year, we still lived by 326
east area North side of Ocala. I had a job at
the Winn Dixie where the Midnight Rodeo bar
area is now. I was at this job for all of two
weeks. I really hated being a cashier. It was
just so boring, I had to go back to restaurant
work again and do several things at one time.
I was going in to get my last pay check, and
recall giving a man money to get food.
His name was Paul said he used to be a
professor and talked about universal language
so that the world could have peace.am sure some
of you all recall him in this area.
Skinny white haired man long beard mustache
walked hunched over kinda. 

I looked up and saw Sharon’s husband standing there Jim,
In a security uniform like he was a guard. I was happy to
see him thinking I could find Sharon again now and visit
with her.  He said she worked at the end of the strip mall
Winn Dixie was located toward the north side of it was
like a lingerie type shop. So we go in to see her.  She
invites me to dinner and we exchange numbers.  How odd
Jim said he was a security guard for that place but I
never saw them before there.  Ocala was not to bad back
then with crime to need that.  How odd also that she
worked right there by me and I never knew it. Odder yet
was getting directions from them they only lived a mile
from 326 if even that far.  They lived road that cuts
back by Ford dealership on 441. Was a Mobile home park.
It is not there anymore. A town away and so close again.

I go to dinner. Tell Sharon and Jim how well I am doing
now and they were very happy to hear that.  Then Sharon
told me about some of my dreams then taught me some
about crystals and how they could heal and that
she was going to meet a Native American I guess
like a chief or something like that.  She was very excited
about it all. We had a nice visit and I learned so much
always in short periods with her.  I was like a sponge.
She invited me back again.  A few weeks went by and
I went by their new place to say hello and it looked
vacant.  It was vacant the park manager said no one
lived there.  I said what happened to Sharon and Jim?
He said who?  I described them and he looked puzzled
still. Now I was feeling a bit crazy here.  I left.

I then went to shop she worked at and went in to see
about her there and they also said they did not know
a Sharon. I described her even asked for the manager
to verify she knew whom I was talking about.  She
did not.  I must be going nuts? I had to leave and
drop it before the looney bin came to pick me up.

I never knew what to think about what had happened
I knew the second time they came into my life I was
doing really great so was not like they guardians.
The first time for sure they could have been. 
Was she for real?  Was any of her family I met real?
Her story of:

When she was younger she played with a little
girl up the road.  For a long while she played
with her I guess many months not sure she gave
a time period.  One day when going she knocked
on the door.  Apparently she had not met her parents
before because when she asked for the little
girl the parents shocked said she had been dead
for about 3 years now.She had been playing with a spirit and had not known she was not real.

Really gives me the thought of where they ghosts/spirits?
I know she guided me but yet it was her husband who
was the one who walked up to show me where she was.
I have asked many their thoughts on this and I get
very blank expressions not knowing if I am for real
in my story or that they my guardian angels.
In my life as well it is interesting that I did not
search out Native Americans or crystals they found me
or I ran into them. She really taught me a lot and
was more than a typical ghost haunting for sure.
Was I eating ghost food or how did I get inside
the houses she lived in?  Why did not one person question
whom I was talking to outside the Winn Dixie. Paul
I believe is real have seen him off and on through
the years.  I have always questioned these encounters
and it has taken many years to understand it and
for it to make sense and her stories to me and how
really perhaps she was not there in human form either
like the little girl she said she played with.
I keep hoping to see them again some day but perhaps
my memory in this story keeps her spirit alive
enough for me for 23 years later I am just
gutsy enough to share this story.

Spirit for today: Lovey the cat

I did house calls off and on in my career as
a Massage Therapist and would bring crystals
to lay under the massage table to use as generators.
I noticed over time animals lying under the massage table
near the crystals. One such animal was a cat named Lovey.

She had stomach issues and was a thin cat.  I decided to
test her with the crystals so when I had an appointment I
would pick a few crystals out I was drawn to just for Lovey.
I put them away from the massage table to the side to see if she
would lay by them .  My client on the table, crystals to the side,
Lovey comes in and lays right next to the crystals that I had
chosen for her put to the side.  Although I suspected it was
the crystals that did draw her to help her feel good, I also
thought maybe she just wanted to lay near her Mommy my
client under the table.  Each appointment I continued to do
the same until the day she passed.  I was very appreciative
that Lovey taught me how crystals heal animals too.  

Not much time went by and my client says she still see’s Lovey
around and hoped she did cross over.  I told her I would
come over with the smudge bowl, feather and sage and
do a little cleanse for Lovey.  I picked out a few crystals for
Loveys grave they buried her out back.  I took out the sage,
clam shell and turkey feather and saged the area and by her
grave I placed the crystals on her grave.  As I was saging the
other animals came and sat in a line by me facing Loveys grave.

They knew what I was doing.  I would have never believed it if
I had not witnessed it.  I had  told Lovey to pass to the light
and the animals sat there so quiet the cats and the dogs and
my client.  Lovey the cat taught me a lot in her life and death.

Out of body experience

When I was 7 I was hit by a car,
it hit me I flew through the air it was
said to be 20 feet from car but that seems
to be exaggerated.  I know I went flying,
I landed on my right shoulder and right head
area of the occiput more so than the left and went
into a spin. 
Through meditation and other
things I have seen bits and pieces of my accident.
Otherwise I do not recall it much.  What I do recall
is being above my body pretty far up.  Watching my
little sister scream “NOOO”.  I was looking down
at the ambulance my body and her screaming
and the neighbor woman who called ambulance
and woke up my Step-dad at our house.  Also,
my Grandpa who had passed when I was 5
was all in white and up there with me.  I really
believe he saved my life. I just remember him being
there but not sure he said anything. I also recall
thinking this mostly when out of body,I wish my
sister would stop screaming I am ok I wish
she knew I was ok.
I had no broken bones, could walk, and
talk and get out of bed. Not to say it did not
do some things but overall, considering I
could be dead or crippled from such an accident,
the injuries were not as bad as they could have been.
I never thought about any of this for many years.
I was not treated special after my accident, grew up
in kind of a tough house and if I said something hurt
I was told do not move it and such, and when you
can get up from something like that you just do.  Something
inside of you just pushes you knowing you could be dead.
 Also I saw spirits  and ghosts and my Grandma
called crazy for same thing so I just never told
anyone this when I was younger. 
I would have not been believed. 
I am not sure what happened between the scene
of accident to the hospital, I do not recall that.
The X-ray table was very cold and that is
when I regained consciousness, I was back in my body.

2009 my paranormal review of as the stomach churns and the good things too

The year 2009 I could say if was a title be called
“2009, B rated movie that never ends” but also “Living my dream”
Am not sure where to begin this story. Hmm, maybe October
2008.  That was when GH Taps came to the Seven Sisters Inn.
well it was before that it aired October 1, 2008.  That was the

I had worked at the Seven Sisters Inn doing Massage
therapy as the guests would request, for 11 years. 
I have also lived and worked in the historic district area
for about 13 years lived 2 houses down from the 7 Sisters
in a very haunted house and been in many other houses in
that area that were haunted.  Back in 1995 when first really
going in the Tuscawilla historic district then about 1997 in
the fort king street historic district people were not really
open to the ghost subject.  not like they are today.
So, my experiences I did tell some but it was pretty limited
in fear on how it would be received.  This was nothing new to
me as others when I was younger told me I was seeing
things, evil or just plain weird, going to hell.  you name it
I have heard it all.

Well I was at a metaphysical fair on November 2nd 2008.
Met a group that did ghost walks just started previous week
in that same area.  I told them about my history in that area
and that I also worked at 7 Sisters Inn doing massage and
readings.  They wanted me on their tour that night, and on
that night realizing how much I have experienced in the area
and the fact I been at the 7 Sisters for 11 years was a big plus.
We ended up being able to do ghost tours through houses
as part of our tours.  2 houses how wonderful.  I was the
one who did the tours because I k new the houses very well
after 11 years.  Plus it was amazing even to me that
I could get readings on the emf and rf detectors in both houses
without fail the spirits would come and show people they
existed and never once made me a liar.  They sure did make
me sweat it though several times but they always came in the end.

This is where it gets weird.  the paranormal group I was working
with the main guy has a lying problem not only that he likes to
create drama for people.  especially if they had been on his
team before.  wow we had sometimes 2-4 people a week
attacking our team and leaving nasty messages.  little did we
know the main guy was stirring all this trouble up.  and some of it
was not harmless at all.  then you have other groups trying to get you.
one man from a shop would get fake investigation and have me go
to make me out a fake except guess what why did my equipment light
up.  some type of spirit there.   it was supposed to be a house that
had no ghost but guess what it did. scientifically it was proved.

a way to test a psychic is not lie. just have them go somewhere and
do reading.  because of what we have to go through to have
this gift we do not on the whole operate well under those conditions
of being tested with lies.   I do not want to decipher the liars
from the honest ones.  I have a fault that overides my senses
called I want to trust what people are telling me.  I have learned
in the paranormal world to go with my gut. 

We were so fortunate to meet people in the paranormal world.
Kristyn Gartland, Angela Alderman, Chip Coffey, Patrick Burns,
Rob Demarrest,  and Darkness Dave.  They came for events
at the 7 Sisters Inn and we were invited for free to come.
Then I was embarrassed by their immaturity and people
would say omg why are you on their team they so immature
or they could care less about investigating. and the main guy
he would rather just talk about penis.   not even kidding
on tour he would also do that.  list goes on and on and on
how much I had to deal with. 

Ok, so the paranormal team and I decide let’s be dorks and
do a show.  we paid people to film it for us,  I paid more than half
not repaid much of it of course.  Then a whole lot of drama started
oh ya fun fun fun.  First the shop guy filmed us they brought
a circus or 3 of them so many people.  then another psychic that
also works with shop guy.  I really admired her work and
we both have done house readings and such and have gotten
same information so she and I either are real deal or both
full of it and same info.  We go in separately.  come out same stuff.
Awesome much respect to her and her work.  Not awesome for me.

So we did not use shop guy and his film crew because it just
was horrible and we used these other producers.  fine we had to
pay them.  so that took forever and we finally filmed in February
still owing them some.  main paranomal guy on team was working
with still lying to so many.  he told psychic with shop guy she could
be on team and show. well then we changed film people and he
never put her on show.  she knew the new producer and was mad
she was not on the show.  then that is when i became the bad

Within weeks of that show being filmed 2nd time new location,
these ridiculous things happened.  I wish I could make such
things up LMAO.  some are funny now. 

so the psychic that also worked with shop guy and so did I, said
I was sending her black magic and she was all bruised.  she even
went  to show people in the metaphysical world her bruises everywhere
she went.  Now at this time I was doing a lot of protection
just due to nature of work and felt some cruddy stufff coming.
I never send out bad or do black magic at all.  so basically
if her story was true and she is bruised it is because she was
sending something bad to me.  I honestly could not believe
she was going around and doing that and showing people
bruises.  Honestly, where did she get them.  I now think she is
nuts and maybe even pinched herself just to get the part in
the stupid show.  I tell you it made me MADDDD.  I wanted to
bruise her then.  Jeesh where do people get this stuff from really?

next thing that happened was some dope of a guy for the main
guy of paranormal team I worked with went into shop guys
shop and yelled at him for money he thought he was due.
this had nothing what so ever to do with me.  i was kicked out
of the shop because of the paranormal team i worked with.
really shop guy was mad because we did not use him for
filming I was the easy ass to kick.  i lost clients for readings
as I was not there or at metaphysical gatherings anymore.
Never do work like that unless you get the clients names.
It is worth it if something like this happens to you.

Do you think I am done, Hell No.  Not even.  5 score
and milleniums later we paid off producer people
as they threatened to not edit the show, so I paid them off.
then April came and they forclosed the Seven Sisters Inn.
there was a petition but it was never sent or mailed to
the banker.  that really made me upset.  why all the work
to not even send in petition.  Then the last night to help
the owners of 7 sisters pack their personal things
and such.  paranormal team I worked with was supposed
to help.  one showed for few minutes left and no one ever came.
It was the 2 owners and another man and myself that stayed
until 3 a.m.   I was tired of the lying, manipulation and also
the lack of professionalism and if you say you are gonna do
something do it.  So, by this point a woman on the team and I
safeguarded the team by putting occupational license in our
name and also made ourselves members of chamber
of commerce
here in Ocala.  It was my money though and once again I was never
paid back. 

Not only that she backstabbed me saying I forced her into
doing all that stuff when main guy mad.  I told him he needed
some major help for all the lying and problems he caused people
and it was not minor stuff as I said.  He even said one guy killed
babies for ritual really serious stuff that just simply was not true.
So I think it was maybe 2 days after the 7 Sisters forclosure
and they told me to sign contract with them and I refused saying
until they got their act together I would not sign one thing..  
I have already told them I would not sign a contract so they kicked
me out.  Now  I was with them from November-April
and now that the 7 Sisters was closed and was no tour to do
through there bye bye.   It does not end there.  I went through
months of slander, them antagonizing me in public, going by
beeping cursing at me even causing someone on my tour to
almost have panic attack.  why did they do this because the main
guy told them I knew a lot of people in town and paranomal
world we better ruin her because he knew what a piece of crap
he was.  I also would not quit doing the ghost walks.  it was my
thought to keep doing them year round my vision.  I saw it so strong.

I was still licensed and had a year membership to chamber of
commerce and then when they called the police on me
that was it.  I did nothing it was all in effort to ruin me.  never once
did anything go through in fact the cops told me it was apparent
the main guy was harrassing me. 

upon finding out I was no longer with paranormal team the shop guy
wanted me back.  I started to get people again when they saw I was
there because I was accurate it ended up coming true.  in the end
shop guy once again from others talking smack and his own
mind decided I was to negative to bring to new shop, so once
again I was not there, which really is not good for business. 
I will never go back he will not have another chance to ask me to
leave or say one more negative thing about me. not to mention
saying I talked about him but really he was the one
who said things about me that would get back to me. it gets old

might I add that shop guy and main paranormal guys had one thing in common
they loved to cut down my gifts testing me telling me how others
said I was a fake.  other psychics jumped in on this wagon as well
it just was ridiculous.  I have people around the country
that can vouch for me, and time and time again it made me
stand up for myself and believe and know that their untruths of me
does not represent me.  in the end they will just look back.  both of
them all of them have done me harm.  paranormal group and their main
guy, shop guy his psychic and other psychics and all else who decided
to jump on in.  I am hardly a victim because you know what I did
everytime these people pissed me off I would work on my Ghost walks
my website or hand out flyers and talk to people go around get
history.  I kept going.  It proved to be successful to me in this way
around Halloween time that group had 1/4 of what I had on their ghost walk.

it was not because I bad mouthed them it was because I put a lot
more positive energy into mine.  This is not to say I did not tell some
the story,  but everyone thought I was nuts.  he even had the news people
fooled and they would not list me like they did them.  I am not naming
names of any sort for professional and obvious reasons.

I will tell you this,  I floated for months when this first started which
made me ignore the lies at first and what I was getting psychically.
my friends said i predicted it and then it happened with much of it.
sometimes the bad things bring good to you.  I have had this lesson
before for sure.  What a heck of a year but I am glad this B rated movie
is over.  I will not even tolerate this nonsense anymore, after being
attacked for months like I was the leash is short.  I kept thinking if I
ignored them it would stop and it just did not.  Amazing how people
have been in this paranormal world and shows and such.  If you
try to do well people are quick to beat you out of it cut you down
ruin you.  they contacted even my friends told them lies saying
I hated them could not stand them I was a fake and all I cared about
was money.  blah blah blah

I am pretty sure I am meant to be doing this ghost walk and everything
else I was doing.  I have survived a lot in life just coming back this past
year from a serious illness that took life as I knew it.  I am truly meant to be
here doing something.  It seems all the experiences paranormally I had
in the past in the historic district prepared me for this very time.  The time
to talk is now.  I kept going even with groups after me to try and ruin.  I am still
here and I am a tough bitch.